Move Past Paperwork 📝
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Process automation, previously only available to large corporations with multi-million dollar IT budgets. Now perfectly tailored to your school at a price you can afford.

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Digitize your forms,
Automate your processes

Script is a workflow automation solution that helps school administrators digitize paperwork and automate processes so they can get back to what matters most. Whether you’re approving a purchase order from a principal, or sending HR paperwork to a new teacher, it’s easy…just Script it!

1. Digitize your forms

Digitize all of your forms and paperwork by using our simple form builder. Just drag and drop where people need to sign or fill out the form. It’s that easy.

2. Set your Script

Wether your process is 1 or 20 steps long, you can Script it all. No matter if its a Signature, Form, Payment Request, Notification, or a File Request. If you can think it…you can Script it.

3. Automate your process

With Script, you can assign your workflow to a speciffic group of people or leave it open to be completed by anyone at any time. Once the process is started, Script will deliver each step to the correct people involved to get things done quickly and accurately. Sit back, we got this.

You'll never have to ask for an update ever again 👍

With Script, you now know where everyone is in every process you have. No more tracking staff members down and asking if they filed the correct paperwork. See everything they have done and everything they still need to do. You can even check in on their progress and send them a friendly reminder.

Set the Script 🎬

Create custom scripts for each process at your district using pre-built workflow steps. Combine approvals, your PDF forms, electronic signatures, notifications, and payments with custom routes to specific departments, staff, or parents. With Script, you can finally go paperless and automate any process at your district and schools!

Reduce your risk, Standardize your district processes 🗂️

Need to add an approval or add a new form as part of your process? Now, with the click of a button, standardize your processes for all of your schools and departments to ensure total compliance…instantly.

  • ✅ Business and Operations Department
  • ✅ Human Resources Department
  • ✅ Student Services Department
  • ✅ School Front Offices
  • ✅ Finance Department
  • ✅ Safety Department
  • ✅ Transportation Department and more!

School Activities, Automated 🚀

You have spent hours coordinating events & activities for hundreds of students. Now you can easily plan and manage your school’s activities by using your student roster to automatically route notifications, payments and release forms to the correct parent. No more reply-all emails, trips to your file cabinet or phone calls to teachers just to figure out what’s going on. Every payment, permission slip and parent response is right in your Script dashboard so everyone from teachers to bookkeepers have the data they need to do their jobs.

School Activities on Script App

Parent Payments,
Perfectly Collected 💳

It has never been easier to collect parent payments like registration, technology fees, and field trips.
Who paid? — A question of the past.
When a parent hands you money you can easily track it and provide receipts no matter what form its in. Whether its cash, checks, or cards, Script supports it. The best part is that all payments show up in your purchase report so you can account for every cent collected by your staff. And with the free Script parent app your parents can pay right from their smartphone or the web!

Have Lots of Paperwork?

Congrats, you qualify to use Script!
Use the calculator to see how much paper you could save based on a study on a school using Script!

Eco-Savings for your school

64,286 paper sheets
7.71 trees

Why Script?

Schools around the nation are using Script to eliminate rooms of filing cabinets, increase efficiency, save money and achieve new levels of financial accountability.

Eliminate paperwork
Increased efficiency
Money Saved
Increased Financial Accountability

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