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5 Practical Tips to Improve Efficiency in Your District

School Cooperative Purchasing

As a District Leader, your goal is to reduce spending without sacrificing student achievement. This can be a real challenge because most significant budget cuts come from either pupil spending or teacher salaries, both of which can adversely affect the quality of education for your students. Still, reducing expenses can improve efficiency in the district. One simple way to cut expenditures is by lowering the costs of supplies. If you’re not already doing so, consider participating in a school cooperative purchasing program. These programs provide you with access to supplies and services at discounted prices.

Streamline Personnel Processes

Paperwork can eat up a lot of your time as well as the time of your finance and human resources staff. Streamline personnel processes by requiring direct deposits for payroll and making employee records readily available. By allowing employees easy access to their own files, they can quickly see how many sick days they have remaining or whether they’ve met their insurance deductible. You can also digitize your personnel and benefits handbook making them available to employees online. This will cut down on phone calls or inquiries to the HR department.

Improve Use of Technology

Implement technology in every area of learning and classroom management. Along with making computers available to all students while on campus, each middle and high school classroom should be equipped with whiteboards. In lower elementary, e-readers can be a great resource for young readers.  You can also use technology with building security cameras to help students and staff feel safer on campus.

Encourage Teachers to Get Involved in Research Projects

Teachers who are pursuing an advanced degree may need to do a research project in order to graduate. Fellow teachers and administrators, however, might be reluctant to participate because of time constraints or other concerns about the commitment. Encouraging teachers to become involved in research will help them to build better teaching skills, foster teamwork and may even position your district as a leader in academics should someone from your staff get published. To motivate teachers to become involved in research, conduct training seminars on how to collect data, write research proposals and get published.   

Establish Mentoring Programs for New Teachers

Along with professional development, pairing experienced teachers with young teachers can help improve teacher retention and ensure your district has a strong pool of qualified teachers. Quality mentoring programs should aid teachers in strengthening classroom management, organization and lesson plans. 

Implementing these practical tips will help to improve academic performance and teacher efficiency as well as increase teacher job satisfaction.