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Why Your School Should Use Electronic Signatures

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Lost paperwork, forged signatures, and ruined copies can be a thing of the past if your school decides to automate the process of acquiring signatures. It’s a known fact that public schools muster up quite a bit of paperwork between permission slips, student enrollment, IEPs and so on, and I think everyone can agree that the time and efforts of teachers, as well as administrators, can be better used elsewhere. By using a tool like Script to sign signatures electronically, your school will be saving time and money, all while keeping these documents more secure than their paper equivalent.

1. Quick and Easy

If you can access a computer or even an app on your phone and click a button, you can use an electronic signature. The ease of the process makes it accessible to anyone and means that it will save everyone time. It’s also simply more convenient. When sending out forms to parents, faculty, suppliers, or other companies that work with your school, everyone is working within a different time frame. Sending an electronic signature is immediate, meaning no time will ever be lost due to paperwork. Instead of printing off a document, sending it to the correct party, having them sign it, scan it, and send it back before repeating the process with others, you can get all the signatures you need within seconds. Streamlining these processes will keep everyone in the loop and able to complete the process in a timelier manner than waiting for the fax to come through.

2. Time is Money

The time savings made possible by using electronic signatures is one of the ways that your school will save some cash. Plus, the savings on postage, envelopes, paper, and ink from printing forms will undoubtedly add up. No more archiving, storing, or discarding records will also free up time of office staff. Many schools have even cut down on the amount of printers and scanners in their schools because they are simply no longer necessary.

3. Electronic Signatures Are Safer

Yes, you read that right. Think about all the ways papers can get lost, stolen, forged or tampered with. Using an encrypted electronic signature means that there is traceable evidence to who signed it, when, and where, which is much more valid than a piece of paper. Also, having signatures on file establishes a way to be sure that future e-signatures are credible.

By modernizing the way in which we conduct our daily school operations, we make our schools run more efficiently and can therefore better serve our students, which is, of course, our main aspiration.

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