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Creating School Forms that Solve Problems

School Forms

It is often overlooked, but the amount of information flowing into and out of your district is unbelievable. Each year hundreds or even thousands of students, parents, faculty and staff send a seemingly never-ending stream of school forms to your district office. Some of the information found on these forms is more sensitive than others with examples ranging from student enrollment forms and permission slips to school safety audits and injury/incident reporting forms.

If Timmy or Sally’s parents fill out the permission slip for next month’s field trip to the aquarium incorrectly chances are it can be filled out again without having too much of an impact on the students. However, if Mrs. Green is injured on her way to teach her geography class and the reporting paperwork is filled out incorrectly or is lost all together your school district can be left open to all kinds of liability.

Information errors in school districts aren’t anyone’s fault, they are simply the product of an outdated system. Over the past couple of decades, the information being collected has grown astronomically, while the methods for recording and reporting this data haven’t changed much. After seeing these issues firsthand and having countless conversations with administrators across the country about just how big of an issue information collection has been for their districts, we decided to create school forms that help to solve these problems, not exacerbate them.

Eliminate Missing Information

When filling out paper forms it can be easy to skip some pretty important sections simply because you forgot, or you may not have fully understood what was being asked. If you have spent any time in your district’s administrative office, you know how frustrating it can be receiving documents that are half filled out and having to track down the other party for answers.

With Script’s digital forms, administrators can make some or all of the fields being filled out mandatory, ensuring that the information is present before it is handed back over to the school. If the issue is a gap in communication as to what information is being asked, we have a solution for that too. Information boxes can be added to any section of your forms with detailed instructions as to how to fill out the field correctly. And if that doesn’t clear things up, Script allows for easy communication between all stakeholders in the school district, increasing collaboration and reducing confusion. We even give you the ability to ensure that all of your forms are completely ADA compliant, ensuring everyone has access to the tools they need.

Unmatched Data Collection

Every school form collects some sort of data, but with Script you can actually collect data about your data (kind of like Inception but replace dreams with facility request forms). Our powerful reporting tools allow administrators to have direct, real time a line of sight into where each form is, the progress each form has made toward completion, the date, time and location in which the form was filled out and even more. This may sound unnecessary but having this information at your fingertips can allow for the swift recognition and remedy of bottlenecks across a number of your most important processes, allowing for a proactive approach to problem solving in the future.

Automate Your Processes

Giving school administrators access to smarter digital forms is only the start of how Script has helped transform the way school districts think about their processes. Map out your processes by building workflows and have them run automatically using our Workflow Automation tool. This tool gives you the ability to not only collect your district’s most important information but store it using the most safe and secure method possible, all without lifting a finger.

Schools that partner up with Script have been able to see some pretty amazing results when it comes process improvement. Tools like unlimited digital forms and e-signatures allow you to bring your district’s processes into the 21st century and begin finding modern solutions to the issues that have come with the new information age.


Let us show you exactly how we can help you collect and organize all of your district’s information effectively and efficiently in a single tool by scheduling a demo today!