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How to Design a Field Trip Permission Slip: Tips and Tricks

Field Trip Permission Slip

Planning a field trip isn’t always as easy as it looks. From approvals to scheduling, it might seem like you’ve become a project manager. Then it becomes time to design the field trip permission slip. It can be hard to know what to include and how to lay it out.

We’ll show you exactly how to design a permission slip for your upcoming field trip in this article.

Information to Include on Your Permission Slip

When you’re creating your field trip permission slip, it’s important that you both ask for the right information and give it too. You don’t want to end up with a student who forgot to pack a lunch, or one with a bee allergy and no EpiPen.

Here is some information and fields to consider including on your field trip permission slip to ensure your field trip is a success.

Give the Details

Not providing the right information on school paperwork like a permission slip often leads to chaos and frustration for everyone. Make sure yours contains all the information parents need to know.

Field Trip Location

The field trip location is what creates the excitement for the parent and child. It also helps parents know how to dress their child appropriately. To really build interest, talk it up. It’s one thing to say you’re taking a trip to the zoo. It’s quite another when parents learn their child will be going to the zoo where they’ll be face-to-face with 15 different sharks at the newly built sea-life attraction.

Field Trip Date and Time

Three of the most critical pieces of information to share are:

  • The day the field trip takes place,
  • The departure time, and
  • The expected return time.

Providing this information allows parents to coordinate scheduling and give them a sense of security knowing exactly where their child should be at any given moment.

Lunch Arrangements

Will students be provided lunch? Should they bring a sack lunch? Money? Make sure you let parents if there is anything they need to do to ensure their child has a lunch on your field trip.

Field Trip Fees

If parents need to pay a fee for the field trip, let them know how much to pay and how to make payment. Can they pay by check? Is there a way to pay online? Give all the details to avoid phone calls with questions about payment.

Due Dates

It almost goes without saying, but please, include due dates for payment and the permission slip. You’ll want to ensure you have plenty of time to get a head count and plan accordingly.


Not every field trip permission slip will need to include expectations, but it’s a good idea. Do students need to wear closed toed shoes? Do they need to remain quiet and seated throughout the field trip? Expectations give parents the opportunity to prepare their child for the event. Your school will likely do this too, but it’s always good to have parents support the directions your students hear.

Calls to action: Volunteers

Every good field trip needs good volunteers. Make sure to make the ask clear. How many will you need? What will they do? How do they sign up? A good message on your school forms ensures you’ll get a great turnout.

Make the Ask

When you’re planning a field trip, it’s important to get all the information you need. Here’s what you should consider adding to your permission slip form.

Basic Student Information

The first thing to ask for is the student’s name so you’ll quickly be able to see who the permission slip is for. You may also want to include a space for their school, grade, and/or teacher’s name if several different classes or schools are participating.

Medical Information

Asking for medical information will ensure your students are safe and can be tended to if there’s an injury and illness.

If you don’t already have this information readily accessible, you may want to ask for:

  • Allergies.
  • Medications and whether or not they need to be taken on during the field trip.
  • Special health conditions your school should be aware of.

You might also want to consider asking for health insurance information and contact information for their doctor so everything goes smoothly if you need to seek medical treatment.

Emergency Contacts

If an emergency happens and the parents aren’t available, you’ll need to know who to contact. While your school probably has this information on file, including it on the field trip permission slip ensures you can quickly access it and it’s the most current information available.

Parental Consent

Asking for consent is the most important element of your permission slip. Make sure the permission slip states that the parent consents for their child to attend the field trip. You also may want to consider asking for content for medical treatment and/or a media consent to take pictures if your school district doesn’t already have this paperwork on file.

Design Your Field Trip Permission Slip

Once you know all of the information you will need to include on your permission slip, it’s to design it. Generally, you’ll want to give the field trip information first and then have the parent provide the requested information and sign. This lets you create a “return to school” portion so the parents can keep the details section.

Try to keep your permission slip to one page. If you go any longer than that, you are likely asking for too much information. Having just the one page makes it much easier to keep school paperwork organized and find information.

Consider a Paperless School Permission Slip

If you’re looking for an easy way to design, deliver, and track your permission slips, consider making it paperless with a system like Script. With Script, you can easily move fields around to make any of your school forms electronic. Once your permission slip is created, parents can go online to complete it and make payment.

Paperless school permission slip forms save everyone time and prevent them from getting lost. Discover how Script can help your school create paperless forms, and save time and money. Check out our field trip permission slip template or schedule a demo today.