No Child Left Behind: 5 Ways Online Permission Slips Benefit Every Student

online permission slips

Some of the best memories as a child come from the school field trips they take to cool places where both learning and fun mixed together make for an unforgettable experience. Perhaps a trip to a big city with a grandiose museum, or to a camp where they participate in fun team-building activities.

Regardless, the necessity of the child’s permission slip to be signed and turned in on time becomes vital for them to participate. Unfortunately, many children have missed out on their field trips because they either lose their paper slip or forget to give it to their parents to sign. With the convenience of online permission slips however, those days are now gone!

There are many benefits that a school receives from utilizing online permission slips. The following are 5 of those benefits:

1. Ease of Consent

When the school plans a field trip, the parents must be informed and approve of their child’s participation. If the parent does not approve and the child still ends up going, the school can open itself up to serious consequences.

In the past, consent forms were the responsibility of the student. The school sent the slips home with the student and they had to give it to their parents, have it signed, then return it to their teacher on time. It can be easy for the slips to be tampered with or misplaced between when the child initially receives it and the deadline it is actually due.

By the school utilizing an online permission slip tool, they can conveniently send an email to the parent, complete with e-signature links, and the parents can review and sign the slip immediately. This eliminates the child’s responsibility of transporting the slip safely, the parents schedule interfering with the ability to sign it on time, the possibility of a forged signature, and the school’s responsibility to store the document on file showing the slip was approved and signed by the parent.

2. Online Permission Slips Save Money

Schools are often underfunded and therefore need to save money anywhere possible. For paper permission slips, the school has to create the slip, print them out, send them out to the teachers, and then the teachers need to hand them out to the children and have them returned and signed off on time.

That process can be quite an expense not only on the paper used but also on the time spent during the whole process. By using online permission slips, the school can save money on hundreds of permission slips worth of paper and the teachers can use that time on helping their students instead of trying to collect a classroom full of important signed slips.

3. Simplifies the Process for Teachers

Teachers are busy. They have so much they have to constantly be doing including educating the children, grading papers, and trying to implement an organized, safe and friendly classroom environment.

Add in having to deal with collecting the paper permission slips, reviewing each one, recording who turned them in and who didn’t, trying to track down last-minute ones that still haven’t been turned in yet, and needing to print more for the kids who misplaced them. This, as you can imagine, can become quite a headache. With online permission slips, teachers no longer have to worry about this complex process and can be relieved knowing they are all electronically stored in one place and easily accessed and tracked at any time.

4. Easier for Parents and Students

People are on their phones all the time. By sending an email with the slip, the parent can see it in a timely fashion and even electronically sign it right from their phone. There’s no more waiting or worrying anymore. It is all right at the parents’ fingertips.

No wonder more and more schools have been investing in this method rather than the dated, costly and unreliable paper permission slip method!

5. No Child is Left Behind

School field trips are important to students and when a child forgets to turn their slip in, they are forced to stay behind and miss out on the experience. It really becomes heartbreaking for them. Online permission slips are easy to keep track of by the teachers so they can frequently send out reminders to the parents to sign them on time. Digital permission slips can be sent out and signed within seconds, even on the same day as the field trip!

The Digital World in Action

The digital world streamlines processes for schools, and the process of online permission slips are a prime example of that. Schools and parents have far too much to do, and no longer having to deal with the hassle of paper permission slips becomes quite a relief.

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