Finally, a toolbox for K12 IT

Build Automation into your district departments without coding or hiring developers

  • πŸ‘ Triggered Notifications
  • πŸ‘ Ransomware Protection
  • πŸ‘ ABAC
  • πŸ‘ Directory Sync
  • πŸ‘ Document Retention
  • πŸ‘ Process Approvals
IT Professional
Script Data

Give Department Directors the data they need

Why send directors entire forms when they just need specific data? Cut out the noise and get work done faster by triggering notifications of specific data that is relevant to their jobs.


Ransomware protection

Air-gap your district data

Keep your district processes, forms, and data safe by using Script. Air-gap all your sensitive forms and data by leveraging Script’s cloud based infrastructure.

Programming Code

Identity and Access Management

Attribute-Based Access Control

Sometimes role-based access just doesn’t cut it. Schools have many different employees and pre-defined roles made by non-educators just don’t make sense. Now you can fully customize roles that make sense for your school district.


Directory Sync powered by Google

People are constantly coming, going, and changing departments. With Script you can sync your groups from G-Suite and ensure that everyone is ready to go at all times. First day…no problem.


Peace of mind

Document Retention and Management

Have an entire room dedicated to filing cabinets and paper? We’ve been there. Script allows you to set form-specific data transfers back to your district’s servers for retention compliance and redundancy.

on the go

Process Approvals

Your digital To-Do List is now with you wherever you go. Anything that needs your attention is available in our mobile-friendly dashboard. Now you and your staff can stay organized at your desk or on the go.

Ready to see how Script can work with your IT Department?