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Using Workflow Automation to Improve Operations Within Your School

Many schools experience slow processes because they’re stuck with manual, paper-based procedures. Handling piles of inventory sheets, stacks of student applications, and mountains of paperwork is horribly inefficient. Not only that, but it also holds up school staff and lessens their time in focusing on their more important responsibilities. This undeniably will have a negative effect on delivery of student services and maintaining the quality of these services.

Thankfully there is a way to lessen, or probably eliminate, these time-consuming tasks — workflow automation.

How can workflow automation help schools? Let’s take a look.

Create more structured processes.

Traditional paper-based methods of communication, from enrollment to information dissemination to students and parents, consume not just so much paper but also so much time. Whether the school administers just a hundred students or thousands of students, paper-based processes can be automated for it to facilitate a better workflow.

Script’s automation tools can turn paper forms into online forms that will save you not just thousands of dollars on paper and ink but also valuable time. Purchase orders, leave requests, consent forms are just among the some of the paper-based forms that can be processed online.

Without paper and manual processes, the school administration will have more time to focus on more important matters and be more productive. Bottlenecks in school processes due to misplaced files, mistakes, or improper notifications will be eliminated. Workflow automation helps create more structured processes and enables you to efficiently and timely address things that need your attention the most.

Allow more effective collection and use of data.

With online forms, you now have electronic documents you can collect and use more effectively. Imagine getting over a thousand e-mail correspondences from parents every month versus assigning a staff to handle a well-designed, form-based automated process of receiving requests from parents.

Workflow automation also allows you to collect more specific data and gather clearer information. No more illegible handwriting to decipher and no missing pages to find. Using workflow automation in the school setting allows you to route information or forms to the right person and get exactly what you need be it an approval, a request, or data.

Improve file management and organization.

When important documents are kept electronically, it reduces the likelihood of losing a file or misfiling. There will be no confusion on whether a parent turned a reply slip in on time or when a department head approved a teacher’s field trip request. Reminders can now be sent automatically and signatures can be collected electronically too.

Just by reducing the time-consuming paper-based administrative tasks, workflow automation can make teachers, administrators, and school staff focus on what truly matters.

Let Script show you exactly how workflow automation can allow school personnel to spend more time engaging with students rather than worrying about mountainous piles of paperwork.