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Activities and Field Trips

You have spent hours coordinating events & activities for hundreds of students. Now you can easily plan and manage your school activities by using your student roster to automatically route notifications, payments and release forms to the correct parent.

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No matter what type of event you are planning, whether it be a field trip, an after school club, or an in school activity, Script Activities empowers you with all the tools and information you need for a successful, stress free event. See how one school used Script to get student releases for a Solar Eclipse.

  • School Dashboard
  • Parent App for Signing and Payments
  • Easy Administration
  • Custom Reports
Digital Platform

Lost Permission Slips are a Thing of the Past

Once approved, your student’s parents will all receive a notification that a new activity is available. They will be able to provide an electronic signature to your digital permission slip with the Script parent app. All of the activity info and all of the student’s information is already filled in so you can be sure it’s accurate. Once they sign their signature will be saved to your records in the Script dashboard to be referenced at any time. You get peace of mind and less work!

Digital Signature
Cash, Check, or Card

Payments made Simple

Any time a parent makes a payment to your school, you can easily track it and provide receipts. Whether the payment is made through our online payment system, or in the form of cash or checks, Script supports it. The best part is that all payments show up in your purchase report so you can account for every cent collected by your staff. And, with the free Script parent app, your parents can pay right from their smartphone or the web!

No more clipboards

Easy Administration

With Script’s activity approvals, you will receive a notification when one of your staff members has submitted an activity, and you can choose to approve or deny the activity right from the Script app. Then, we send a notification with your decision so you can get right back to work without missing a beat.

Digital Roster

Sign-Ups at a glance

With Script you will never have to cross reference your signups with your class roster again. Students will all be added to your class roster and can be put into groups for things such as clubs and sports teams. Once your class or group is signed up to participate in a school activity, you will know exactly who is going and who isn’t. It’s that easy!

Move Past Paperwork with Script

Book a personalized walk-through of the Script platform. We’ll show you how our platform helps your district become more efficient, stay compliant, save time, and improve staff happiness.

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  • School Efficiency Assessment
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